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Re: PilotManager colors

Robert Gusick <gusick@xxxxxx> writes:

> -- 
> I'm running PilotManager on a Solaris box, exporting my display to my
> sunos.4.1.3 box.  Is "darkred" a non-standard color name?  Or am I
> running with non-standard colors?
> $ pilotmgr,v1.007/PilotManager       
> New conduit 'Installer' added to the inactive conduit list
> unknown color name "darkred" at pilotmgr,v1.007/PilotManager line 199.

legba:$ grep -i darkred /usr/openwin/lib/X11/rgb.txt
139   0   0             DarkRed

Hmm, looks like the case is incorrect.  Change it in your source to
'DarkRed' and see if that helps.

-- Gary F.
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