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Re: Another PilotMgr Idea (IMAP4)

> IMAP4 is an email protocol which seems tailor-made for putting
> behind a Pilot-style conduit.  An IMAP4 conduit would be very
> welcome, as it would allow you to delete, refile, messages and
> have them be reflected in the real mailbox.  IMAP4 is designed
> for the Pilot disconnected paradigm.  Someone wrote an IMAP4
> email client, but it didn't run over PPP.

I would be interested in something like this.  However, time is
short.  In PilotMgr v1.006 and beyond, I publish the conduit
interface for aspiring Pilot-conduit authors.  If you're interested
in writing a conduit, please let me know and I'll help coordinate
your efforts with other authors.  Perhaps a separate mailing list
is in order...


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