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Re: PilotManager v1.006_01 available

I had the same problem with PilotMgr on my Ultra-1 (2.5.1). The problem
only occurred if I started PilotManager from a script that made the
PilotMgr directory current prior to executing PilotManager. If I cd'd
to the directory from the command line, and then typed in the
PilotManager command, evrything worked fine.

I finnally discovered that the problem went away when the shell script
was run from ksh (Normally I use the C shell). I added a #!/bin/ksh
to the shell script and it works fine now.

Havn't had enough time to look into it any deeper.


> From Mark.Hapner@Eng Tue Apr 29 14:53:17 1997
> Date: Tue, 29 Apr 1997 11:40:51 -0700
> From: Mark.Hapner@Eng (Mark Hapner)
> To: pilotmgr@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
> Subject: Re: PilotManager v1.006_01 available
> I'm a new user of PilotMgr and have run into a couple of problems.
> 1. When I run either the 1.006 or 1.006_01 versions on my Ultra 1 it
> fails with:
> Sorry, but PilotManager does not currently support
> your architecture (sun4-solaris)
> This does not happen with 1.005.
> 2. I'm using a male to male 9 to 25 pin adaptor and when I run hotsync I
> get a loopback detected error on the pilot. The Ultra 1 has three 25
> pin connectors; I'm assuming the one on the bottom row is the serial
> port. I tried the others and they don't work either.
> -- Mark Hapner

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