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Re: pilotmgr funtionality

> >Hi Charles.. I'm writing the SyncAB module.
> >I'm curious to know if you have a favorite tool you would like to see SyncAB
> >talk to on your Sun.  I'm currently syncing with Rolo, which to be honest is
> >really weak. >So, if anyone has suggestions for a good address book tool
> tell me now and >I'll see what I can do!
> You know, I'd like to see it sync with an ASCII file with tab separated
> fields, with hooks to run a post-sync script analogous to the current
> pre-sync script.  I don't think anyone responding to date has asked for
> the same address book tool, so why not go for flexibility?
> -- Bryant

Exactly!  Worse case, maybe I can write some named pipe code that links up
to whatever address book tool that I wind up using.


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