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Complaints about loosing connection...

When I attempt to do a full-sync, the Pilot itself comes up with
a dialog that says the following despite the fact that my calendar
seems to transfer/sync well enough:

	The connection between your Pilot and
	the desktop was lost. Some of your
	data was NOT backed up.

While the log in PilotManager (V1.005) says:

	Hotsync commencing
	Please press the HotSync button on your Pilot cradle...
	Synchronizing 'MemoDB' using the SyncMemo module
	All files up to date.
	Synchronizing of 'MemoDB' complete
	Synchronizing 'DatebookDB' using the SyncCM module
	Loading Calendar Manager appointments...
	Filter Done
	Loading Pilot appointments [full sync]
	Checking for duplicates.
	Synchronizing appointments...
	No changes
	Synchronize of 'DatebookDB' complete
	Sycnronization complete

Total time for all this to complete is nearly 18 minutes.

Config on the PilotManager "Properties" is:

	Above setting confirmed in admintool:
		Port: 	a
		BaudRate: 9600
		Service Enable (checked)
		Terminal Type: tvi925
		Options:	Initialize Only (checked)
				Bidirectional (unchecked)
				Software Carrier (checked)
				Login Prompt:	ttya login:
		Expert Options:
				Create utmp Entry (checked)
				Connect on Carrier (unchecked)
				Timeout: Never

	Solaris 2.5.1
	CDE 1.1
	Pilot cradle is connected to the 9/25-pin changer which is in
		turn wired to a Male/Male straight-through 25-pin 6'
		extention cable.
Any ideas how to make everyone happier?


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