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Alpha 1.003 is out

Hi, guys --

	PilotManager Alpha 1.003 is out.  The web page has moved to:
	[inside Sun.Com]    http://shadow.corp/bharat/external/pilotmgr.html
	[outside Sun.Com]   http://playground.sun.com/~bharat/pilotmgr.html
	For those of you new to PilotManager, this is a tool that will
	allow you to write conduit modules to link your Pilot to your Unix
	box.  It's written in Perl/Tk using SWIG to wrap C libraries.
	You'll need a copy of the Perl5 distribution (v5.002_01 or later)
	to run this.
	The SyncCM module is in alpha testing right now.  It seems to be
	pretty stable and can handle all types of appointments, but it
	still isn't the greatest for 1 way transfers (ie, if you just want
	to blast your Pilot's datebook and copy all CM appointments over
	to it or vice versa).  Feedback is mandatory :-)
	I'm going to make a public alpha announcement to a few different
	places shortly, so traffic on this alias may begin to pick up.

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