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PilotManager Action/Icon for CDE

Contributed by Kent Madsen (kent.madsen@sun.com).

For those of you who are CDE users and who are interested:
I've created an "action" and associated icons so that PilotManager may be started from the workspace menu.

Download here.

Here's what you do with these files:

  1. Save the action (.dt) file in: {Your home directory}/.dt/types
  2. Save the icon (.pm) files in: {Your home directory}/.dt/icons
  3. Start the Create Action tool (found in the Application Manager, Desktop Apps section). Open the PilotManager action (you have just saved) and save it again. This will create a file in your home directory called PilotManager with the familiar icon.
    NOTE: This action was created *assuming* the PilotManager executable is in your path. If not, change the "Command When Action is Opened" so that it will start PilotManager where *you* have installed it.
  4. Drag the icon to the "Install Icon" area of the subpanel of your choice (I used "Personal Applications").

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