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PilotManager Timezone/Daylight Savings Frequently Asked Questions

If PilotManager pops up a message starting with:
Congratulations!  Your OS has a bug in the time of day code.
This bug causes dates to slowly travel backwards in time
and interferes with PilotManager's performance.
then you have encountered the Timezone Bug... read on!
PilotManager will not function until this is fixed.
(This is NOT a bug in PilotManager!)

Why won't PilotManager sync?

The Pilot and unix store times in different formats. This bug makes PilotManager unable to reliably convert between these formats. This makes it very dangerous to modify any records because times may get set incorrectly! For this reason PilotManager refuses to sync.

How do I fix it??

There are three possible solutions which should be tried in this order:

  1. Apply a Solaris patch to fix the bug.
  2. Change your TZ (timezone) environment variable to a setting that doesn't hit the bug.
  3. Update your perl installation with a patched file to avoid the bug.
Detailed instructions for each step are listed below.