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Serial Port Configuration

This information applies to Sun workstations. If you are having trouble getting your Pilot and PilotManager to talk, maybe this info can help.
Using admintool you should set the following settings for your serial port:

Template:   Terminal - Hardwired Detail: Select Expert to see all options.
Port: [a or b]
  • Service Enable
Baud Rate:
Any setting from 9600 - 38400 should be ok.

Terminal Type: tvi925

  • Initialize Only
    Bidirectional (unchecked)
  • Software Carrier
Port Monitor Tag: zsmon
Expert Options:
  • Create utmp Entry
    Connect on Carrier (unchecked)
Service: /usr/bin/login
Streams Modules: ldterm,ttcompat
Timeout (secs): Never

Admintool can incorrectly set the owner, group and permissions on your serial device. After using admintool verify the following settings:

/dev/ttya or /dev/ttyb

These can be set with the following commands (substitute /dev/ttyb if needed):
% chown root /dev/ttya
% chgrp sys /dev/ttya
% chmod 666 /dev/ttya

You may also want to check settings in the eeprom program.

% eeprom | grep tty
At least two users have reported fixing a problem by changing tty?-ignore-cd to true.

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