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How to Restore a reset Pilot

So your pilot has crashed and a hard reset (memory cleared!) was required to get going again.. how do you get things back the way they were? Read on!


It is VERY IMPORTANT that you do not do more than 3 hotsyncs with PilotManager before restoring your pilot. If you do you may LOSE your backups!

Restoring data to your pilot after a reset is quite easy. All you have to do is use the Installer conduit to put back all your databases and apps.

  1. In PilotManager 1.106 or newer select File / Installer / Configure from the menu bar. In older versions you must do File / Properties, activate the Installer conduit, and click Configure.

  2. Now click the Add button and navigate to your Backup directory to find your latest backup. The default Backup location is ~/.pilotmgr/Backup/LatestArchive, but you may have configured the Backup conduit to store your Backups elsewhere. Check the Backup conduit configuration dialog if you can't find the default location.

    NOTE1: If you don't use the Backup conduit then you have no backups and you're out of luck.. sorry!

    NOTE2: If you have done a hotsync AFTER resetting your pilot then the LatestArchive directory won't have the files you want to restore. Check the other directories in the Backup directory to find the most recent backup from BEFORE the reset. If you have done too many hotsyncs after the reset then it is possible that NONE of the directories have the data you want. Note that on every hotsync the Backup conduit tells you that it is expiring the oldest archive.. if you have expired all archives from before the reset then your data is lost.. sorry!

  3. Click the Accept All button (in version 1.105 or newer) to select all the files.
    This step is very annoying in older versions.. you may wish to manually copy the files from the backup directory to ~/.pilotmgr/Installer.

  4. Now just run the Installer conduit and all your data is restored!
    In pilotmanager 1.106 select File / Installer / Run; in older versions you must deactivate ALL other conduits and activate JUST the Installer in the File / Properties dialog, and then do a hotsync as usual.

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