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PilotManager/CDE/Calendar Frequently Asked Questions

Ok, I hope this little summary will answer all CDE and Calendar Manager related questions.
If your experience contradicts any of the info below please let me know.
  1. Do I have to use the CDE window system to run PilotManager or SyncCM?

  2. What version of Solaris/CDE do I need to use SyncCM??

  3. How do I tell what version of CDE I have?

  4. How do I get the right version of CDE if I don't have it already?

  5. What if I see the message:
    user@host is in an obsolete data format
    It must be updated to the CDE format before SyncCM can interface with it.

  6. What if I see the message:
    Error: Csa logon failed: X-DT SERVICE NOT REGISTERED

  7. What if I see the message:
    SyncCM cannot interface with your calendar server
    Please upgrade to the CDE calendar server

  8. What if I see the message:
    Error Csa add_entry failed: X-DT BACKING STORE PROBLEM ... while adding ...
    Unable to create '...' in Desktop calendar

  9. What if I see the message:
    Error Undefined subroutine &SyncCM::cm::setup called at 
    .../SyncCM.pm line 864

  10. My calendar server has just been upgraded and SyncCM no longer works.. what do I do now?

  11. Duplicates are being created for some of my repeating appointments.. what is going on?

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